May 24, 2009

Business Philosopher Jim Rohn on Developing a Simple Plan

This is an excerpt from a book by the great business philosopher Jim Rohn:

Make a Simple Plan"We must not allow our plan to become excessively burdened by complexities. Many of the answers take time to discover. It is virtually impossible to plan every detail or to anticipate every obstacle. We must also be careful not to allow the opinions of others to unduly influence the development of our plan for the good life. Others will have dozens of opinions about what we should do, but the final plan for progress must be our plan. We should listen to the voices of value, but we must remember that no one else will see our plan or sense our obsession quite the way we do. It must be a personally designed plan, and its creator and architect must remain at the helm of the ship throughout the entirety of the journey."

I highly recommend Jim Rohn to anyone who wants to take themselves to the next level in any field. He is a man of vast wisdom that is deeply applicable to any person's life. Rohn has numerous audio recordings and books, as well as video seminars on his web site. After all, he isn't called America's Foremost Business Philosopher for nothing!

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