May 13, 2009

The Decision Making Process, Planning, and YOU!

This struck a cord with me:

From the book 30 Seconds That Can Change Your Life the author says that one of the 5 keys to successful decision making and becoming a strategic thinker is to use a "world-wide view." That is, to have an ideal vision of the world as far as what you want for all people, including future generations, as an underlying basis for all your decisions. Unfortunately for many people, their decision making process is entirely sub-conscious. Being able to make decisions and to stick with them is certainly important, but have you ever heard the story of the man who climbed the corporate ladder and realized his ladder was leaning against the wrong wall?

Well, we have many types of decision making encounters throughout the day, but do not let your important decisions - your life decisions - be automatic. The efforts you put into planning your life the way you wish it will be will undoubtedly pay dividends.

I think this is quite powerful because it puts out desires into a greater frame of reference. After all, most people who desire gold are never happy with gold. Perhaps these people have focused on a very small, insignificant part within themselves to direct their goal-driven-behavior. I believe that ultimately people in general want to feel like they have contributed to the world, and that this will lead to self satisfaction far more than gold.

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