May 14, 2009

Wow... 30 Seconds That Can Change Your Life

More great insights from the book I am reading, 30 Seconds That Can Change Your Life:

Ask yourself “If my organization is the solution, what’s the problem?” (Or ask, “If I am the solution, what’s the problem?”)

Some more random insights from the book:
  • Keep the whole in mind and work on it too; and don't think that because you are working on the parts that the whole will necessarily be taken care of.
  • To initiate change you must make sure everyone involved gets a payoff, and that the rewards change in accordance with the change.
  • "Focus on the whole before attempting to improve any part."
  • We often are getting better at things we should not be doing in the first place. Take time to consider the why behind our actions to make sure they are worth continuing.
  • "Opinions are fine; they can open the door to mutual exploration. But opinions not based on data and reality are just about emotions. Be careful of naked opinions, for there is nothing more frightening than ignorance in action."

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