July 6, 2009

What to Say When You Talk To Your Self - My Introduction

"What to Say When You Talk To Your Self" by Shad Helmstetter is my most recent endeavor, as you may have noticed from the top right of the web site. I've added that small progress meter moreso than anything just because I like it.

Regardless, so far up to page 115 the book is good. It has been addressing a lot of valid reasons why self-help generally fails. I, being a neophyte to the study of self help (perhaps just about at 1 year now), could not help but have formed this idea already - that self help generally leaves people where they started. It is unfortunate to be certain. I do believe, nonetheless, that most, if not all, people can improve.

Back to the book -- Shad Helmstetter has many good points and his key reason why self help generally fails is that it is often external motivation and does not address the core of changing and improving your self. The short chapter on actually talking to yourself took the appearance of personal affirmations, and I must say I considered myself a skeptic of the idea. I can't lie to myself. Rather, it is more likely I think I do not want to lie to myself. But still, he does sell the idea in a rather good, new light (at least to me).

All in all, I am anticipating the rest of this book and I just get this feeling that I will be coming back to it again and again for the great truths I've already encountered.

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