August 26, 2009

Earl Nightingale The Strangest Secret Video

Earl Nightingale's The Strangest Secret 1950's Recording

This informational and inspirational video is from one of the "founding fathers" to the entire modern day personal development industry. If you have not heard of Earl Nightingale you probably just haven't been into personal development for very long yet. And if you haven't seen this short video clip, watch it now!

Even though the idea and catchphrase "secret" is so heavily bastardized, eventually I think most successful people come to realize the keys to success (success in both your business and your life) are secrets in some respect. 

I say that only because people insist on looking for secrets so they inevitably overlook the basics. And it doesn't matter what you do in life - without a mastery of the fundamentals - the basics - you simply can't be world class in anything.

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