August 12, 2009

Excerpts from Radical Honesty by Brad Blanton

I started reading the book Radical Honesty by Brad Blanton just a day or two ago. I feel compelled to share a couple excerpts from the book that struck me as profound and truthful:

"A few of us occasionally escape the bullshit jail of the mind. Most of us die in jail. All of us have the magnificent possibility of getting beyond the jail of our own minds, over and over again. The first step to this process is to doubt our minds. The truth turns to bullshit in the human mind just like food turns to excrement in the human body."
Here is another good thought:

To be whole, we must recontact the being we are and were and evermore shall be until the end of each of our times. That being is the creator being—the background hum that keeps us cooking, the basic circuit board, the baseline buzz. The cognitive faculties of the mind are a secondary development for steering, not the primary driving force of life. Minds are developed and lead us away from the experi-ence of being, and religious practices were developed to get us back to it. All religions were developed to help us get back home to the hum we started with.

Meditation, sitting quietly until the mind settles down, brings a sense of wholeness. I believe the primary value of meditation is that, while meditating, we reunify the memory of our first sense of being with our current breathing, heart-beating, sensate, present-tense experience of being. Being a living being, "knowing" in our bones that we have been being for some time, is the heart of who each of us is. We are beings alive behind the mask of personality.

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