November 19, 2009

What to Say When You Talk to Yourself (Shad Helmstetter) Book Notes

I finally got back into reading this book, and I'm glad I did! What to Say When You Talk to Yourself is the kind of book that fills your mind with the good things about life and helps us stretch to become the better people we know we can be. It sure beats getting beaten down by the 5 o'clock news!

Here are some nice "What to Say When You Talk to Yourself" excerpts:

"If you want to improve your job: In one way or another we are all subject to the directions of others. We all have rules which we must follow. How you look at your job, your vocation, your associates and your employer, boss, or supervisor, will have an important effect on how well you do and how you feel about yourself in the job you are in. If you tell yourself that you do not like your job - you probably won't. If you tell yourself that you are unhappy with your manager or employer, you probably will be."

"Imagine for a moment any problem you would like to overcome, right now, or any change you would like to make in yourself or in your life. If there were two of you, and one of you became a positive, productive Self-Talker, and the other did not, for whom would you cast your vote? I know which one I would vote for, every time." page 149

Just examine this paragraph for even a moment. Many people, perhaps even myself at one point, dismiss the positive self talk ideology. The reasons for this are likely numerous, but perhaps the largest reason is that it seems too simple-minded or too hocus-pocus like. However, answer Shad Helmstetter's question above and re-evaluate just exactly how you feel about self talk. It is an eye-opening question, but moreso a revealing answer.

Here are some of the actual positive self talk affirmations from this book:
Positive self talk for freedom from worry and Anxiety affirmations

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