January 22, 2010

Aristotle Quote: What Lies In Our Power to Do, Lies In...

“What lies in our power to do, lies in our power not to do.”


This random, interesting quote was one I just heard today after listening to a new audio book from David Allen (big author in the business and productivity and time management area). Allen has had some really good, USEFUL advice on time management systems and skills and good information on simply getting control of our lives personal or otherwise.

Anyways, the quote from Aristotle immediately reminded me of Jim Rohn. He often says something just like this quote, along the lines of what's easy to do is easy not to do. I can't help but think he came across Aristotle's words in the past, but I've never heard him quote the Greeks very much. Ol' motivational Jim usually likes to reference the bible and use inspiring parables from Jesus' time.

The more you study personal development or personal improvement... (however you want to name it) the more you will see that there really are no "new truths" as Jim Rohn likes to put it. Success really is simple...

So today, just think about some of those old truths and whether or not you have been searching for the exotic before you've mastered the basics.

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