January 29, 2010

Brian Tracy Quote on Liking Others and Self Esteem + Definition

"You can't like anyone else more than you like yourself."

Brian Tracy

When I heard quote this from a sales and customer relations audio book from Brian Tracy I knew I had to write it down. It's simply profound. It turns out that the best explanations are often the most simple. Regardless of whether or not it is in sales or in your personal life, your self esteem effects the way you do everything and what you even attempt to do in the first place.

But what is self esteem?

Well, the definition of self esteem according to Random House Dictionary is this:
  1. a realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself; self-respect.
  2. an inordinately or exaggeratedly favorable impression of oneself.
A few important words stand out: realistic, respect, oneself, favorable. So with the aforementioned Brian Tracy quote and the self esteem definition, we can gain a lot of insight into what we really can give other people. Namely, we cannot give to other people more respect than we have for ourselves. We cannot like or find others more favorable than we favor ourselves. Lastly, how we view ourselves must be realistic or consistent with who we really believe ourselves to be. Fortunately for us, self esteem can be greatly improved... if we choose to raise it. Otherwise, it can easily fall by the wayside and be left with low self esteem.

Brian Tracy has a lot of self esteem self help books and audio tapes. I would highly recommend them, and it's not one of those subjects you have to study for a year before it pays off. Learning how to raise your self esteem pays off immediately. It's certainly an important area for anyone to improve, and like most "real world" skills you simply won't learn this stuff in school or from your boss!

You can raise your self esteem!

So if you feel like you might have low self esteem or you want to increase the amount of favor, friendship, and respect you can give to others then read a new book, get one free from the library, or try some self esteem exercises today.

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James said...

During high school I use to be introverted with low self-esteem. I slowly raised my self-esteem when I learned that I am much better than everyone in sports, and in school. Yes, I began to like myself a lot more than anyone else.

It's fortunate these days that you could get mentors like from Mentor club to help in your own personal development for a better career or business.

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