January 20, 2010

Why The Rich Get Richer and You Can, Too! Robert Kiyosaki DVD Review

Product Review of "Robert Kiyosaki Live In New York - Why The Rich Get Richer and You Can, Too!" An Informational Yet Motivational DVD.


First of all, I should point out that I first was introduced to Kiyosaki via some audio books about real estate and he spoke about why it is a smart thing for anybody to get into. I've become well aware that Kiyosaki has some avid "haters" out there, but still I believe his message is sound and his advice is very valid regardless of whether or not he takes a little "literary license" in his books.

I picked up this video because a) it has a nice, relevant title (do you want to be rich too?), b) I know I have a lot to learn, and c) I've always been happy with Kiyosaki's books and audio tapes in the past.

The video is just over an hour and a half long, but it's quick, entertaining, and doesn't drag on.

Content Overview

The DVD is 95% a live recording of Kiyosaki at a seminar in front of a large audience. Please do note that it is not one of those corny 20-person faux audiences; those things annoy me! The remaining few percent of Live In New York are short cutaways of Robert talking about and expanding upon what he just proposed in the seminar. The interesting thing about the seminar is that it's ideal for couples to watch because he frequently asks the audience to discuss amongst themselves some particular ideas or questions he poses. Like I said, this makes it nice to watch this with a friend, spouse, or really anyone interested in improving their finances or life.

As far as what he actually shares - it's the basics. Those good ol' simple fundamentals! The basis of his message, in my opinion, is that you've got to get yourself educated on all that fun "real world" stuff that they don't teach you in school, and then you've got to simply go out there and make mistakes and grow from it.

Of course, if you know Robert Kiyosaki you know he has an above-average presentation. The DVD is funny with some funny one-liners, rat race bashing, and a laid-back almost conversation style delivery. One of the things I got out of it was not knowledge, but simply inspiration and motivation to act. Kiyosaki puts opportunity in YOUR hands by encouraging you to act, thus creating your own favorable circumstances.

It's not all basics though, he does bring out members of his personal team including his "boss", lawyer, wife Kim Kiyosaki, and maybe a couple others. They each talk very briefly and simply wet your appetite on ideas like corporations, starting your own business, real estate, investing, etc.

All in all, the information he presents is quite elementary BUT that can be the best thing for someone who is clueless about money, finances, or how most people actually get rich in life.


When it's all said and done "Robert Kiyosaki Live In New York - Why The Rich Get Richer and You Can, Too!" is a good DVD. It will get you motivated to act, inspired to improve yourself, and headed in the right direction. Kiyosaki doesn't promise anything outrageous like instant wealth and fame (in fact he says it took him and his wife around 5 years together to start making 100 grand a year).

I would recommend Why The Rich Get Richer and You Can, Too! to anyone who needs to get motivated, people who need to learn about basic self education, and individuals who understand that repetition is one of the keys to really understanding things.

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