January 24, 2010

Inspirational Jim Rohn on Emotions That Can Change Your Life

A baby crying is full of emotionLegendary life coach and motivational, inspirational, and informational speaker Jim Rohn has often told his story about the 4 emotions that can change your life. Identifying these four emotions and the qualities and attributes associated with them can be useful if you want to become more than you are.

1. Disgust

As Jim Rohn so eloquently puts it, "Disgust says 'I've had it!'" Disgust in Mr. Rohn's experience was not having a measly 2 dollars in his pocket and then lying to a girlscout because he couldn't buy some cookies! The disgust he felt after this minor event compelled him to point his life in a new direction and start seeking opportunity, and he found it.
DisgustPerhaps Jim Rohn's disgusting event was small, but he says "big or small, it doesn't matter." Follow this emotion up with some meaningful action. "Commit an act that says I've had it!"

2. Decision

His second emotion is that "inner civil war," it's that uneasy "knot" in your stomach. Jim Rohn says "for progress you must decide" and his good friend puts decision making this way: "If it's easy do it easy, if it's hard do it hard. Just get it done."
He also points out that sometimes decision is harder than the act or following through on your tough decisions.  And the simple act of making your decisions can be inspiration to you for years to come. So, decide!

3. Desire

Next is desire, which Jim Rohn says is "wanting to bad enough." Two important facts about desire he is quick to point out are that:
  1. Desire comes from inside, not outside.
  2. It can be triggered by something - books, songs, lectures, sermons, events, conversations, all these can trigger desire.
He personally tells his business staff to "Welcome every human experience." He puts it another way as, "The same wall that keeps out disappointment keeps out happiness." How profound is that? Quickly take 30 seconds and think about any "safety" barriers you have that are keeping out human experiences.

4. Resolve

Resolve and happinessFinally, the last life changing emotion according Jim Rohn is resolve, also known as "two of the most powerful words in English language - I will." Shortly summed up resolve is the "I'll do it or die" mental attitude. When you develop resolve there simply is no moment when you give up. That does not mean you won't be tested or have set backs or that people won't try to bring you down. But it does mean that you will do it UNTIL you are successful. Powerful stuff!

Closing Remarks

To sum up, we must remember Jim Rohn's closing words on the emotions that change your life - that "ACTION brings all these emotions together." You "must do something about how you feel." He strengthens this idea with the bible phrase quoted as "faith without action is useless."

Do as Jim Rohn wisely advises and "make sure you always have a gameplan to match your wishes. Otherwise, they will always be wishes." Do you want to be just a wisher?

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