January 19, 2010

Questions to Ask Yourself and Ponder from Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn photographThis entry will either be incredibly insightful and inspirational or it will be un-motivating trash. The good news for you, however, is that if it falls into the latter category it won't waste much of your time! Today's blog has far less to read about and many times more to write about and think about.

Further, the positive news for you, is that if you take personal development guru and master motivator Jim Rohn's advice and answer these thoughtful, inspiring questions then you can truly improve the person you are. Not only that, you can start your better future right now! So join me, readers, and let's do this.

Questions to ponder...

  1. The first question to ask yourself is, Why should you try? Why try to earn more, learn more, wake up early? "Why go through that much?"
  2. Next, Why not? "What else are you going to do with your life? You've got to stay here until you go!"
  3. Why not you?
  4. Finally, Why not now? "Don't postpone your better future any longer. Get at it tomorrow. Get a game plan going." Do all the things you should have done, all those things you wanted to do, those ones you've been meaning to get to. Have conversations. Anything! Everything!
So if you are in dire need of some change, why not look over this list again and build yourself a list of reasons to do better? If you do this right now you won't need to postpone your better future any longer!

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