February 18, 2010

Why Obama is Anti-Business from Robert Kiyosaki, and Investing Advice

What does Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki think of President Obama's business sense? How much business experience do Obama's advisors have? Also, find out what Robert Kiyosaki says is the number 1 investment that your average joe should invest in this down market.

Watch this interesting video clip to find out more!

If you can't watch the video, some of the highlights are the following.
  • President Obama is a product of a government affirmative action program, and he doesn't know a thing about business! An interesting statistic is that less than 7% of Obama's advisers have any real world business experience.
  • Only 27% of investors view President Obama favorably.
  • Kiyosaki says the president doesn't have control of the banks, China, technology, the federal budget, or current account balances. Furthermore, he hasn't been able to produce jobs.
  • Professional investors invest for cash flow, and in tough times he can still strive. But stocks are down, homes are down, and capital gains are not good right now, which is what most common investors go for.
  • If jobs are going out of town real estate goes down with it.
  • Finally, the average investor should be investing in silver; it's a consumable precious metal that's risen drastically. Robert Kiyosaki has said in the past that he views silver as good "insurance."

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