March 12, 2010

6 Things to Know Before College

First of all, whether or not you're starting college, in college, done with it, or never plan to go, this video and accompanying quotes contain some absolutely precious advice. It comes to you by way of Derek Sivers in an inspirational speech he gave to incoming freshmen at Berklee College of Music.

The 6 things to know before going to college are highlighted below, but to really get the message you absolutely must watch this video!

6 Things to Know Before College

  1. Focus. Disconnect. Do not be distracted.
  2. Do not accept their speed limit.
  3. Nobody will teach you anything. You have to teach yourself.
  4. Learn from your heroes, not only theirs.
  5. Don't get stuck in the past.
  6. When done, be valuable.

Derek Sivers Quotes

Here are some of Derek Sivers inspirational quotes that I found quite profound and I'm sure you will too.

"[Casual people] end up having casual talent and merely casual lives."

"While you're here, presidents will change, the world will change, and the media will try to convince you how important it all is."

"This is your #1 most important challenge. If you master focus, you will be in control of your world. If you don't, it will control you."

"You don't get extreme results without extreme actions."

"If you want to be above average, you must push yourself to do more than required."

"[Teachers] will present some information to you, but it is entirely 100% up to you to either make the most of it, or waste your time here, and go home and get a normal dumb job."

"Money is nothing more than neutral proof that you're adding value to people's lives. Making sure you're making money is just a way of making sure you're doing something of value to others."

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Vasco PatrĂ­cio said...

There are so many great points in this speech.

The part about taking extreme actions to get extreme results really resonates with me, as it is something I've came upon before.

Great post :)

harrison said...

7.) Time management

Inspired Robin said...

Vasco PatrĂ­cio, glad you enjoyed the post and video! I thought it was excellent as well!

Time management is crucial harrison! Its tough to think of everything though haha!

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