April 20, 2010

Les Brown Quote "If Youre The Smartest Person..."

"If you're the smartest person in your group, then you need a new group."
    Les Brown

This is a famous Les Brown quote, although I'm quite sure he simply re-quotes it as opposed to him coining the phrase. Either way, he's used it a handful of times early on in my "study" of Les Brown.

I have only recently begun listening to and watching Les Brown. But he has quite the dramatic story -- highlights including born into pure poverty, adopted with his twin brother, labeled by the education system as mentally retarded. Take my word for it, he tells a better story that just that summary!

And that brings up one of the biggest positive points I can think of to describe Les Brown. That is, he has an impressive ability to speak to you and really connect. He really screams credibility too, which is a huge plus in my mind. The self help industry does in fact have many sour seeds, and sometimes it isn't always easy to tell who is the real deal and whose just out to make a buck. Les Brown tells it like it is, and he's certainly not afraid to display his human-ness to the world. It's admirable.

There will definitely be more Les Brown quotes and information to come. Today, take some serious time in solitude to think about your "inner circle" or group that you associate with. Ask yourself some questions such as:

  • Why am I with this group?
  • Am I the smartest person in my group?
  • Do I like where this group has me headed?
  • An important question Jim Rohn points out is: Am I okay with what my group has me becoming?

After you've done this, be sure to check out other Les Brown videos and related posts!

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Adam said...

Great Inspiration, Thank you !

Inspired Robin said...

Hi Adam. Thanks for visiting and I'm so glad you found inspiration here! That's what this blog is all about. Be sure to check back for more inspiration, motivation, and information soon!

Poleeze said...

I came to this country(ireland) from Nigeria, with nothing except my university degree in 2007 Dec. I worked many odd jobs at odd hours, people like les brown and robert kiyosaki et al inspired me and now in 2012, I have a house and I drive a 08 SEAT LEON. I travel the world and I'm financially free. Thanks to succes as an online entrepreneur.

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