April 23, 2010

Les Brown Video - Practical and Motivational Video

Les Brown is a powerful speaker! This video seems like it should cost money and come on a DVD... It's a full length video running 52 minutes, and it's WORTH IT! Les pretty much covers everything it takes to get started in personal development and a self help program.

Les Brown motivates, informs and inspires by using real life examples from his own past. He is also very light on the "hokey pokey" hype without substance.

Do yourself a favor and watch Les Brown's video when you can set aside an hour, but also take some notes. You'll get a lot from just watching the Les Brown video, but there is simply no way you can get everything out of it by simply watching it. Best yet, take notes, watch it with a friend (or have them watch it) and then discuss it. Two points of view are certainly more powerful than one!

Thanks for visiting the blog, and thanks for watching this great motivational video. And now that you did watch it please do share your thoughts on it or the lessons that you feel were most valuable! I look forward to hearing from you!

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Betsyanne (E Sheppard) said...

I like this video. I only watched part of it, but I liked the part about watching our health. I think it is so true that having a super-well-paying job is not great unless you also have your health.

Thanks for posting this!

Inspired Robin said...

Thanks for commenting E. Sheppard. You are right that that really is a good point.

I think he got part of that from one of his mentors, Jim Rohn (and one of my favorite life change coaches).

If you've never heard of him, part of his seminars include a powerful point from his personal life. He asks himself, "What if I got so rich and became too ill to spend it?"

That's what slowed Jim Rohn down from living a hectic life and putting his health behind money. Fortunately, he picked that up in his first year of his personal development. I hope the readers of this blog see this truth as well!

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and do check out the other Les Brown video if you want something shorter!

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