May 15, 2010

Interesting Question to Ask - Create Your Future

Today's post is an exercise. And like a muscle and exercise, this blog is something you have to do. After all, that is where life change starts.

So, answer the following question and be as detailed as you'd like to be. Keep in mind that when you design your future the only limits are the ones you put on yourself. We need to be realistic, but we should also be realistic enough to recognize that the vast majority of us live far within our potential.

The interesting question to ask yourself is:

If your future looked perfect for you, what would it look like?

If you enjoyed the process and learned something about yourself (and you will learn about yourself when you give a sincere, honest effort) then be sure to check out some other profound questions to ask yourself. This blog tag makes semi-regular appearances as I come across these very questions in my own personal development quest.

Furthermore, I encourage you, as always, to share your thoughts and experiences with this exercise.

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Sherry said...

Great Question. My perfect future is a world without violence, hate, disease, distruction and filled with kindness, love and good health.

Judith said...

The perfect future version of myself makes more time for friends and family and things that make her happy. She is successful in her job, but doesn't make it her major purpose in life. She is responsible and caring, but does never stop listening to her inner child. She overcomes the counter-productive fears that stopped her reaching her goals before. She can lay down on the grass and just enjoy the sun and the birds tweeting, without thinking about her latest project or the tax declaration she is late with again (yeah, future me should really do stuff in time, too!). Instead of thinking about all the things she would like to get or buy, she gets rid of all the useless stuff she's got. She writes the book she has been thinking about for almost a decade now. She passes the lessons she learned in her life on to others. She doesn't wait for the community to do something for her; she gets the domino going. And she learns to accept the fact the life is not always fair and the world is not always good, but she does everything she can to make her world what she wants it to be.

Judith @vanalmsick

Inspired Robin said...

Judith and Sherry, thank you very much for sharing.

It sounds like you have quite an impressive vision for your future Judith. I really do wish you the best in attaining that. And I urge you to take those small steps that you already know how to do. Develop a little action plan of doing something simple, but setting a time on it.

You can reach everything you wrote just there. I can just imagine how grand it will make you feel about life!

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