May 8, 2010

Jim Rohn Changed My Life in Some Simple Ways

Jim Rohn changed my life in some surprisingly simple, yet profound ways. He often talks about the idea of leaving a profit. It's certainly one of his recurring ideologies and it is also one of his 5 major pieces to the life puzzle - lifestyle. Jim Rohn has effected my life in many ways, and his "leave a profit" way of living a higher life is a very tangible way he has impacted me.

Jim Rohn Changed My Life in Some Simple Ways

What does Jim Rohn mean by Leave a Profit?

If you haven't heard Jim Rohn then you are certainly wondering what this means. (If you know Jim Rohn and apply this lifestyle change then you're already reaping the better life.)

Basically, leaving a profit means adopting a profit producing lifestyle. One of Jim Rohn's personal examples include turning off the lights when you leave a hotel room. He learned this from Earl Shoaff, his personal mentor. Some people may rebut this by saying "Why do I care if a big corporation gets a bigger profit?" To which, Rohn and Shoaff would say that it's far less important that a company may get more money, but what is more important is that you begin a more positive thinking process. In short, the true profit is awarded to yourself.

Another example of Jim Rohn's leave a profit mentality is the cellophane wrapper. Jim said that before he met Mr. Earl Shoaff he used to just throw the little wrapper on the ground. Shoaff changed all that, and it was simple and easy. You just think about leaving a profit and living the higher lifestyle.

How Jim Rohn and Earl Shoaff changed my thinking

And how did all this change my life? 3 things popped into my head when this blog idea struck me. First of all, I used to leave many lights on when I left a hotel room. Quite frankly, I kind of liked it and I always was very aware that I did not have to pay any electric bill directly at a hotel. Additionally, I used to waste more hot water at hotels for similar reasons. Now that I've let Jim Rohn influence my way of thinking, however, I leave a profit.

The second simple way my life changed since studying Jim Rohn is with shopping carts. When entering a shopping or grocery store there are always carts in the parking lot. I used to occasionally bring one up with me. By living a more profit-minded life I almost invariably bring a cart with me, and I will go out of my way to do so.

Finally, Mr. Rohn influenced me with another simple lesson he learned from Earl Shoaff. It involves tipping others for their service. I believe Earl Shoaff's quote was this: If two numbers pop into your head, go with the higher number and become a higher thinker; you won't believe how much happiness you can buy for a few extra bucks.

Personally, that is strikingly true! If you apply this thinking/lifestyle/attitude technique then you won't have to think to yourself later on, "awww jeeze, I had to tip less to save a lousy dollar!" It's happened to me before. If you're human, it's probably happened to you too!

So there you have it -- a few simple ways that Jim Rohn has changed my philosophy and thinking patterns. I'm sure he can do the same for you IF you give him the chance. Jim Rohn really catapulted my journey into self improvement and personal development. I will certainly have more to write on him and about him in the future, but until then be sure to leave a profit.

If you want more from Jim Rohn and to add ideas and inspiration to your mind then check out one of the first audio books that I ever listened to from Jim Rohn. This CD really turned me on to some great ideas and I've given Rohn's material to some of my best friends, and I don't hesitate to recommend it to you. See more at his official web site The Challenge to Succeed 4-CD Set by Jim Rohn, and I promise you if you heed the advice of Jim Rohn your life will change.

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