May 21, 2010

Les Brown HUNGRY Video

Today's personal development fun comes by way of the lively Les Brown, motivational speaker and true life change catalyst. Occasionally, I stumble across some longer videos and this is one of them. However, I never post stuff just for the sake of posting and you can be assured that I found the video VERY worthwhile to share it. But really, Les Brown doesn't need more selling -- he's quite the gifted inspirational and motivational speaker. His track record also speaks to that.

With that said, please do enjoy this full length Les Brown HUNGRY video and take notes. Share your thoughts and notes too! Once you're done watching the FREE movie please do share your thoughts (seriously, this is a 44 minute video that would easily sell for a pretty penny and be worth every cent).

Les Brown Hungry Video

Thanks for watching! I told you it would be worth it, didn't I? I know I'll be watching it again. Repetition is key in mastering the game of life!

There are other Les Brown videos on this blog as well if you are HUNGRY for more!

Watch this fun and highly motivational Les Brown HUNGRY video here

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steve said...

I'm doing better than good, better than most! It's worth every second of my time!

Inspired Robin said...

That's great to hear Steve. Thanks for checking out my self improvement blog. I do hope you check it out again.

I'll be seeing what's hot to drink on your site again!

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