June 16, 2010

Are You Getting Cooked in the Squat? - Zig Ziglar Video

Are you getting cooked in the squat? Not sure what I'm asking? Well, let inspirational master and guru Zig Ziglar explain a little more about what it means to get cooked in the squat...

This video clip is from one of Zig Ziglar's seminars, but he tells it slightly better in one of his audiobooks, Goals: Setting And Achieving Them On Schedule. That's the actual audiobook I was listening to that sparked me to write this up. I've listened to that story numerous times and it's just so good.

"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great."
    Zig Ziglar

At first, getting cooked in the squat was a funny story that I knew was true for me at times. It also became a common saying amongst me and my friends, usually in jest. However, the more I hear it the more I realize just how common this problem is. It's a problem of procrastination and it's easy to justify putting things off. The excuses Zig Ziglar quotes in the video clip are a dime a dozen and no doubt we all probably used them at some point. Ultimately, we only cheat ourselves out of something we can never regain -- our time.

So, watch the video again. Let it soak in. Heck, send the video to your friends so you can help each other out like I did when I first heard Zig's anecdote. Most importantly, do something today that you've been putting off!

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steve said...

One of my heros!He is very funny, but things that he said makes a lot of sense. I bought his CD on setting goals and it was worth it!

Robin said...

That's fantastic Steve. Zig Ziglar has a lot of CD's on goals... Actually I'd say everything I ever listened to from Zig (and that's a lot now) has information about goals in it!

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