June 21, 2010

What is Your Goal in Life?

What is Your Goal in Life?Jim Rohn is big on a couple things. First is that you've got to take responsibility for where you are AND where you are going. Where we go in life is up to us. Next, Jim Rohn speaks heavily about goals. In other words, your dreams.

As Mr. Jim Rohn puts it your life goals are the set of your sail. His analogy is that people are like ships. We all have sails on our ships and the wind blows on us all. It's a really good analogy actually.

The set of YOUR sail determines your future

The interesting thing about the analogy is how true it is. The wind that blows on our sails blows on everybody (the economy is a wind; politics is a wind; taxes are part of the wind; your neighbors, friends, relatives are part of the wind, etc). However, even though that same wind blows on us all, people have remarkably different lives! Some people are dirt poor and unhappy living in prosperous countries. Others are happy, successful, and love life. What's the difference between these radically different people? The set of their sail. The set of your sail is your philosophy on life, the actions you take, your attitude about life, and of course your goals and dreams are part of your sail.

The point of this blog entry is to get you thinking about your goals and dreams. What is your goal in life?

I recently read a nice, succinct article from Jim Rohn which portrays their importance. I can't say it any better than him, and I've heard him say it many many times in all his audio books that I listen to.

Establishing Dreams and Goals by Jim Rohn

One of the amazing things we have been given as humans is the unquenchable desire to have dreams of a better life, and the ability to establish goals to live out those dreams. Think of it: We can look deep within our hearts and dream of a better situation for ourselves and our families; dream of better financial lives and better emotional or physical lives; certainly dream of better spiritual lives. But what makes this even more powerful is that we have also been given the ability to not only dream but to pursue those dreams, and not only to pursue them, but the cognitive ability to actually lay out a plan and strategies (setting goals) to achieve those dreams. Powerful!

What are your dreams and goals? This isn’t what you already have or what you have done, but what you want. Have you ever really sat down and thought through your life values and decided what you really want? Have you ever taken the time to truly reflect, to listen quietly to your heart, to see what dreams live within you? Your dreams are there. Everyone has them. They may live right on the surface, or they may be buried deep from years of others telling you they were foolish, but they are there.

So how do we know what our dreams are? This is an interesting process and it relates primarily to the art of listening. This is not listening to others; it is listening to yourself. If we listen to others, we hear their plans and dreams (and many will try to put their plans and dreams on us). If we listen to others, we can never be fulfilled. We will only chase elusive dreams that are not rooted deep within us. No, we must listen to our own hearts.

Let’s take a look at some practical steps/thoughts on hearing from our hearts on what our dreams are:
  • Take time to be quiet. This is something that we don’t do enough in this busy world of ours. We rush, rush, rush, and we are constantly listening to noise all around us. The human heart was meant for times of quiet, to peer deep within. It is when we do this that our hearts are set free to soar and take flight on the wings of our own dreams! Schedule some quiet "dream time" this week. No other people. No cell phone. No computer. Just you, a pad, a pen, and your thoughts.
  • Think about what really thrills you. When you are quiet, think about those things that really get your blood moving. What would you LOVE to do, either for fun or for a living? What would you love to accomplish? What would you try if you were guaranteed to succeed? What big thoughts move your heart into a state of excitement and joy? When you answer these questions, you will feel great and you will be in the "dream zone." It is only when we get to this point that we experience what our dreams are!
  • Write down all of your dreams as you have them. Don’t think of any as too outlandish or foolish—remember, you’re dreaming! Let the thoughts fly and take careful record.
  • Now, prioritize those dreams. Which are most important? Which are most feasible? Which would you love to do the most? Put them in the order in which you will actually try to attain them. Remember, we are always moving toward action, not just dreaming.

Here is the big picture: Life is too short to not pursue your dreams. Someday your life will near its end and all you will be able to do is look backward. You can reflect with joy or regret. Those who dream, who set goals and act on them to live out their dreams, are those who live lives of joy and have a sense of peace when they near the end of their lives. They have finished well, for themselves and for their families.

Remember: These are the dreams and goals that are born out of your heart and mind. These are the goals that are unique to you and come from who you were created to be and gifted to become. Your specific goals are what you want to attain because they are what will make your life joyful and bring your family’s life into congruence with what you want it to be.

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"Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination."
    Fitzhugh Dodson

What now?

Right now, I really suggest you take appropriate action. What are your goals in life? Briefly think about your own dreams. Are they crystal clear or hazy and vague?

If your dreams are hazy and vague then you need to correct that.
If your dreams are hazy and vague then you need to correct that. Nobody else can do it for you! And until your dreams and goals are clear you are what Zig Ziglar calls a wandering generality (Read more about Zig Ziglar). Your goal is to be a "meaningful specific" -- find out what you want to do and consistently work on following that path.

If you haven't found out your dreams then take some quiet time to do personal reflection. This article has time-tested solid advice that Jim Rohn learned from his mentor Earl Shoaff. Do your reflection. Write things down too if it helps or you are stuck. Once you have your dreams then take the necessary steps to make sure you are following them, and make sure you don't accidentally fall into another person's plans by mistake. If you want Jim Rohn's help along the way then click here now for complete details on Jim's One-Year Success Plan or to enroll.

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steve said...

I don't know what I'm passionate about and I do not know what I want in life at this moment. All I know is my life sucks. Is it too late to change to go after your dream? I will do the reflections!

Inspired Robin said...

Hello again Steve. I'm really glad you're reading my blog because I think you can really find the guidance you need.

It's really tough on you to not know where you're going. I know the agony it can be first hand, and I know the feeling of wasting your time on something you are wishy-washy about.

What I can tell you right now, however, is that getting started in the right DIRECTION is the path you want to be on. Even if it's SO broad as long as it's the right direction you'll be better off than staying still or just hoping.

Take that in, think about it, and I hope you do do some serious thinking about your dreams. Make a vision of your better future.

Emma said...

Things are not good for me of late. But then I believe, everything good or bad happens in life with a purpose. In the near future, something very good is on my way.

Inspired Robin said...

Brilliant Success, you have my condolences. Hard times fall on us all, and if we're wise we remember them.

I'd like to take a page out of Jim Rohn's book and mentioned the seasons of life. Like you said, something good is coming your way.

As Jim Rohn says, Spring always follows Winter. Better times are coming your way. I wish you the best success and hope that you take the situation into your own hands. Because you can make your personal winter shorter and bring about spring a little sooner.

Godspeed to you!

Anonymous said...

I had plans but just a few days ago I discovered that it wasn't really my dreams and that I dreamed about things I certainly can't achieve so I really don't know what I have to now thanks

Unknown said...

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