July 7, 2010

4 Easy Tips to Build Self Confidence

You need more self confidence. I need more self confidence too. Well, so does Donald Trump so you're in really good company!

That's the good news. The better news is that I have 4 easy tips to build self confidence and I promise you they can make a difference in your life today. Sounds pretty good doesn't it? It will feel even better.

4 Easy Tips to Build Self Confidence

1. Educate Yourself

Immediately start building your self confidence and self esteem by reading a book about the thing you feel unconfident about. For me, when I sat down at a formal dinner I used to occasionally think, "Am I doing this right?" "Is this the right silverware for this?" and so on and so on. I wasn't frantic about it, but by questioning myself it showed a lack of confidence.

So one day I simply started to read a book. It helped a lot. In fact, this little tip changed the way I eat dinner you could say. Not only that, but I now easily recognize other people who put in the time, energy and effort to learn good manners like I did. The book I read happened to be a very inexpensive and readily available one -- Etiquette For Dummies (my affiliate link).

You can start building your self confidence in so many areas to a point where you wouldn't believe. You'll be so far ahead of the game, you'll probably be able to help your friends and family as well as yourself.

2. Get Chemistry on Your Side

Donald Trump has built his self confidence!
Improve your posture. While you're at it, breathe in really deep, hold it, and repeat it a few times. Tell me you don't feel better and more confident after doing this. I dare you! For whatever reason, there's a link between the way our bodies are and the signals it sends to your brain. Use these to your advantage, and sit and stand up straight today. And while you're at it, don't do tip #1 while you're lying down!

3. Have You Made the Decision?

Make a decision. This tip is from an idea I learned from Stephen Covey. I can't quite recall what it was but I came across the idea when I began my personal development journey in 2009. What you want to do is simply be more decisive.

"Decide on what?" you ask. Decide on what you want for dinner if nothing else! How many people don't even know what they want to eat? Millions. Maybe even billions. You could make this exercise much more extreme and decide what you want to do with your life, but for now let's start with flat-out anything.

Make more decisions in your life and you will absolutely build self confidence.

4. Clean Up Your Back Log

Clean up your "shitty list." Okay, I just made that term up, but it's an appropriate word for something I know you'll relate to. Not only that, it's an appropriately strong word. This is a list of stuff in your life that does not help your self confidence or self esteem.

Your shitty list is that small list of petty things that have been nagging at you in the back of your mind for the past weeks, months, and even years.

Remember that letter you wanted to write to someone? Perhaps you never thanked someone when you knew you should have. How about that job around the house you've been finding reasons not to tackle? Well, these small items seem easy to push aside for now, but every time you think of them you feel just a little bit worse. You don't have to feel that way!

In fact, once you tackle just a single item on your shitty list I guarantee you'll have more self confidence. Not only that, but when you walk by that previously-undone job or think of the person you finally wrote the letter to then you will feel even better. In effect, you not only remove things in your life that generate bad feelings, but you also add things in your life that you feel good about. You finally conquered it!

Easy Tips?

The title of this article is 4 Easy Tips to Build Self Confidence. I didn't throw the word easy in there haphazardly. I made this list and specifically included easy life changes that anyone can implement.

Let's see how easy you could improve your self confidence starting today: Reading a book? Simple! We've been doing that since gradeschool. Standing up straight? That's about as automatic as you can get! How about tip #3, make a decision? You'll have to exercise a small fraction of your mental capacity to make a firm "yes" today, and I know any reader on this blog can do that! Finally, we have clean up your shitty list. Well, it's a dirty job but I know you can do just one item of the few you've already thought about!

"What really matters is what you do with what you have."
    H. G. Wells

You don't need to be perfect to have super self confidence, but when you're working hard on yourself and doing the best you can, you will undoubtedly build your self confidence to great levels. Remember this H.G. Wells quote while you build your self confidence and feel great doing it!

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Ryan Critchett said...

Good Stuff! The mind body connection is an extraordinary thing. I talk a lot about physiology and the signals it sends to your brain!

Inspired Robin said...

Ryan Critchett,

That's so true! It is extraordinary indeed! You could read a 400 page book on self confidence and not change a thing... but if you smile more, stand up straight and walk tall you'll feel more confident instantly! Wild stuff!

Thank you so much for reading my blog!

Alujna said...

i'm decisive. i can make the decisions but following through, it's just so hard i always start doing something but end up discontinuing!
but those tips on self-confidence are so true.
esp the knowledge part. the more you know the more respect you earn, the more respect you earn the more confidence you gain!

Inspired Robin said...

Aljuna, thank you for reading. I'm really glad you did read too, because getting the information is part 1 of you improving your situation. You've got to understand you're already in the minority because you're out there actually trying to make things better. Kudos for that. Pat yourself on the back for it as well.

If you are making a decision but you can't follow through it might be because your decisions are not in alignment with your real desire in life.

For example, if someone says they want to be a millionaire but a deep fear of theirs is alienating their middle class friends and family, then they're probably not going to be a millionaire. Furthermore, they won't do the things the KNOW they need to. Their lack of action could show up in so many ways or even sabotage.

But the bottom line for some people who don't follow through is because their desires and fears are pulling them in opposite directions. Just like a car, you need to make sure you are in "alignment" too.

steve said...

I really like the Tip #3. If you keep on making decisions and stick with it even if its wrong which is the hard part, you will get better and better making decisions and as result, the confidence will go up sky high. Another point would be to keep reminding yourself that you've to believe in your self.

vini said...

really a good one.. :-)
the ease of the post.. unlike the usual personality development books..

i came across this thought.. one has to overcome and turn deaf to the negative inner voice that pulls you back everytime from proceeding with a flair.. everyone is sure to have heard of this inner voice predicting pessimistic results to us that we end up dropping the act by losing the confidence..

Inspired Robin said...

Vini, that's very true. If you're interested in a great book on taking rapid control of your inner voice I really recommend Shad Helmstetters book. I wrote a review of the book here "What To Say When You Talk To Your Self by Shad Helmstetter Book Review", and if you want to master self talk I could not offer you a better suggestion.

Thanks so much for reading my personal development blog and I do hope you apply what you read here because it can improve your life. That's my guarantee to you!

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