July 28, 2010

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins Review - Must See TV!

Breakthrough with Tony Robbins TV Show Review

Must see TV?

Wow. That's how I will start and summarize the season premiere of the television show Breakthrough with Tony Robbins. If you haven't heard of it, keep reading. I will say that I'm a fan of Tony Robbins and of course, you know I'm a huge fan of Jim Rohn.He was the mentor to Tony Robbins, which many people do not know. It makes sense that a great personal development and self improvement coach would have such outstanding students. Anyways, this brief preface was aimed to help explain in part just why I would write about watching tv in a personal development blog. After all, I strongly agree with Zig Ziglar who proclaims that tv is by-and-large a huge detractor from most people's lives. Nonetheless, there are some good tv shows that are worth watching; Breakthrough with Tony Robbins is one of these.


Why is my Breakthrough with Tony Robbins review so positive in spite of my generally poor opinion of tv? Let me just say that it was great television, great drama, a great story, all while wrapped up in a great moral lesson. The show really got my emotions worked up and I'm not one too cry often, but it really did almost get me there! You'll truly feel for the people in this show. They are pushed and they fight and they make real progress during their 30 day breakthrough. Unlike "reality" tv, Breakthrough with Tony Robbins is actually real tv. I didn't do any research as far as whether or not the show is a gimmick, but I don't see Tony Robbins putting out a cheap gimmick to the masses just to make some more money or get on tv (he's already achieved both in some major ways!). Not only that, but Tony Robbins is one of the true personal development trainers who can effect real changes in people.

Not only is Tony Robbins' show very enjoyable to watch, but it's also educational. He covers the basic steps to life change. Even though it's nowhere near as in depth as some of his audio books or programs like Unlimited Power, it's still good reinforcement, in my opinion. Throughout the show you see and hear him talk about fundamental keys to living a happy life.

What is Breakthrough with Tony Robbins?

The basic overview of the season primier of Breakthrough with Tony Robbins revolves around the tragic story of a newly-wed couple. On their wedding day, the groom (Frank) jumped into a pool and injured himself. He became a quadriplegic at his wedding reception. That is a heavyweight burden for anyone to handle. His wife, full of her own emotions and challenges, became his full-time caretaker. She's had just as a tough time as Frank since their wedding day, and she's now wrapped her identity up in being a caregiver. They've both given up on their dreams, hopes of a family, and they generally live with regret and depression. Tony could not have come soon enough.

And in comes Tony Robbins. His incredible ability to listen to people and give them hope and confidence really shines through from start to finish. He does exactly what we know he can, and then more. I don't want to spoil the entire episode for you because I strongly recommend you watch the show. Not only that, but there are really no suitable words to relive such tragedy and triumph. Some of their challenges include skydiving, being seperated from eachother for the first time since the accident, and if you can believe it, Frank racing a performance truck around the desert with Tony Robbins in the passenger seat. It's truly an emotional experience to see such human strength and progress.

Must See Television!

All in all, my Breakthrough with Tony Robbins review comes down to this: You can enjoy yourself, feel some real emotion, watch a great story with real people, get inspired and learn something in the process. If you're at all interested in your own personal development (and I would bet money that you are) then it's perhaps as close to must-see-tv as you can get. If you didn't see it, definitely check your local network guide for a possible re-run (the show is on channel NBC). And if you did see Breakthrough with Tony Robbins please comment and share your thoughts about the show or what your favorite part was.

And remember, the upcoming Breakthrough with Tony Robbins airing is August 3rd at 8 PM eastern / 7 PM central time! Set your recording!

To see more about Tony Robbins' programs to create your own breakthrough see Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power. These are programs that can change your life!

To view the web site of Breakthrough with Tony Robbins follow this link.

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Justin Dupre said...

Great review! Breakthrough with Tony Robbins sounds like a really great season premier to follow.. Thanks for your great insight and resources for the show.

Inspired Robin said...

Hello Justin. It was a great episode!

Keep an eye out tomorrow because the next (new) episode will be on, and I'm sure it will be a good one too!

Chef Chuck said...

I agree!!

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