July 1, 2010

Free Audiobook at Audible.com and Free eBook Download from Barnes & Noble

This blog post is a little "extra" quickie. I came across some really great FREE offers that I just know you'll enjoy! There are actually two completely free offers up for grabs.

First up, Audible.com is offering quite a nice selection of downloadable free audio books.

I am sure many of the readers would be interested in a free Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (unabridged version) audiobook! If you don't have that one yet, it is pretty much a must-have in the realm of self improvement and personal development. Definitely pick that up if you never listened to it or read it yet.

You've got to hurry for this audible.com download offer though, because it expires July 2nd!

Free Audible.com Audio Books

Furthermore, Barnes and Noble has some free pdf e-books for download as well! They are from their All-American B&N Classics line of books, so nothing directly in the personal development arena. But reading good literature is a keystone in expanding one's mind. Definitely have a look around there. It's free too!

Free Barnes and Noble PDF e-Books

About these free downloads

None of these are affiliate links or offers or anything remotely shady. I just happened to come across these tonight and wanted to share them with you asap. Especially the free Think and Grow Rich audio book! I've also got a new blog post coming up very shortly with some great Zig Ziglar video!

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