August 10, 2010

How many years should a kid spend in 4th grade?

How are you doing? How many? How much?

Ok, well to be a little less ambiguous we are going to talk about exactly how well you and I are doing with our personal development. And I say "exactly" with such emphasis because we're going to use some cold, hard numbers in today's blog. We are going to talk about results. As far as the seemingly outrageous title of this blog post... I will leave that up to you to find out after you watch the video!

Actually, I suppose it would be more appropriate to say we are going to talk and listen and watch about results and more. Because today we have a great video clip from one of my absolute most recommended self improvement programs How to Have Your Best Year Ever from Jim Rohn. So far, I've watched the entire 5 hour DVD at least 4 times. I actually started to keep track on a piece of paper inside the case.

As you'll see in this short clip, not only is Jim Rohn funny but he puts concepts, strategies and advice in such simple terms than you simply have to be effected. He's really a great story teller as well. You'll actually laugh quite a few times in this awesome program. So, let's watch Jim in action and follow up right after...

How to Have Your Best Year Ever - Jim Rohn video

Now let's look at our numbers...

Here's the question list that Jim Rohn was asked by his mentor Earl Shoaff:
  1. How much money have you saved and invested?
  2. How many books have you read in the last 90 days?
  3. In the last 6 months, how many classes have you taken to improve or develop your skills?

The short of all this information is pretty simple. If you don't like your own numbers then you have the power to change it. And only you can. Remember, if you have messed up then now is the best time to turn any one of these around!

You don't need to change countries. It's a lot easier than that! Maybe after all this toil and aggravation it's just because you bought the wrong plan. So, do yourself a favor and buy the right plan. Just like Earl Shoaff helped turn the young Jim Rohn around, Jim Rohn helped turn me around and he can help you too.

Look within and let your results teach you something about your own activity, your own attitude, and your own philosophy. What a fantastic, realistic analysis! And as Jim Rohn says in video, and this is critical, you've got to be willing to face the numbers.

Set yourself free to amend your errors!

Discover the day that turns your life around and puts you on the road to having your best year ever! In this five hour seminar, filmed before a live audience, you'll learn the keys to success in life and how to accomplish your goals. Everyone is interested in getting more out of life, but few are willing to turn that interest into action. In "How to Have Your Best Year Ever," Jim Rohn will show you how simple it is to begin to turn your dreams into reality! Decide today to make this one of the most valuable additions to your family or business DVD library!

Subjects include:
  • The Life Puzzle
  • Personal Development
  • The Five Abilities
  • Setting Goals
  • Self Esteem
  • Financial Independence
  • Communication

How to Have Your Best Year Ever - 5 Hour Seminar (DVD) Jim Rohn

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