August 6, 2010

Perhaps My Best Advice... An Inch

Are you having trouble taking action? Do you know what you SHOULD do, but just can't get yourself to do it? Here's a little piece of advice that will give you big results.

Some great personal development advice... Inch by inch

The best part of the following self improvement advice is that it puts you in the power position. Sometimes people don't do something because it's easy to be overwhelmed. Some people won't do XYZ because it takes too much time. There really are a million and one excuses not to take action, and sometimes there's a good reason. But when it comes right down to it, there's no real good excuse to do nothing. And I will urge you to share (via a comment below or email) if you have a good - or even decent - reason to do nothing. I can't think of one.

Inch by Inch

Inch by inch, anything's a cinch. That's a philosophy I blew off for a large part of my life. I used to say to myself something along the lines of, "I have time to put it off for now. Besides I'll be sure to get it done later in grand fashion... it always gets done." In most cases it did get done. I'm older now though, and I'd like to think I'm a little wiser too. And with that wisdom it becomes too obvious that some things can't be rushed, and then there are other things that are simply better to do inch by inch, row by row, even if you're not even giving maximum effort. Perhaps the best advice I could ever give someone is to just do a little.

For a couple examples of this, consider your health. Even if you don't run a marathon, is it not better if you just walk around the neighborhood? Sure you might barely break a sweat but I guarantee the light walk is better than no walk for your general health. I used to figure if it wasn't my "best" effort then it wasn't worth doing. Too many times that led me down the path of putting it off or gettin' ready for the big show!

Another example relates to procrastination. now before your brain shuts off because you've already read or heard everything about procrastination just read the next sentence intently, think about it for at least ten seconds, then only continue if you think it might help. If you do just two earnest minutes of work on whatever project you're undertaking every day then you have beaten procrastination. how great is that? Now if you only do 2 minutes a day and never get done by your deadlines it will be a problem. But the important aspect here is that your problem was not you delaying endlessly because you failed to start. How much sooner could you get started if you just had to commit to do an inch or 120 seconds?

Jim Rohn Does It...

Jim Rohn is a personal development legend, and one of his stories talks about the apple a day philosophy. He actually has a pretty funny story with people who mix up an apple a day with a Hershey bar a day. I'll be sure to share a video about this in the near future. But save to say right now that the apple a day is one of those super simple fundamentals that lead to radical life change.

When I really thought about the apple a day philosophy it struck me as something a lot more meaningful. And it doesn't just have to do with an apple either. It can be anything so simple that you think it's meaningless. But the key to note here is that thinking something might not be effective at all does not make it so. If you drank one less can of coke today, then 10-15 cans later you'll have saved yourself from probably gaining a pound of fat. Sound incredible? Not really in my opinion. But what would be incredible is if you applied these small changes to your life, and every area of your life that you're trying to improve.

If it's worth doing at all, then it's worth doing badly until you get good at it.

In conclusion, what I want you to get out of reading this is very little. Really. I want you to simply get the fact that doing very little is better than okay. It's a great starting point and it puts you in the power position. try it out for yourself!

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Ontarian Hawkins said...

I want to personally thank

you for this AWESOME post.

An inch per day.. what a

powerful concept. Sometimes

our minds get so overwhelmed

with trying to do too many

things at once, we CANCEL

ourselves out because we're

trying to be perfect. Perfection

only comes after action is taken..

Looking forward to more Wisdom..

God Bless,

Ontarian Hawkins

"The Ex-Chicken Wing Man"

Mel said...

Thank you for this. I've been "inching" my way for a year now and after reading this, I don't feel so bad. My main reason for "inching"? = INFORMATION OVERLOAD and FEAR of making a mistake that will damage me in some way. "Inching" along, and not feeling so c..p about it anmyore! Thanx

Inspired Robin said...

Ontarian Hawkins and Bobi, thank you so much for visiting and commenting. I love to interact with other individuals interested in personal development and striving for more that life offers.

Now... look at how similar your comments are! You both mention being overwhelmed with information and that's how things can get! Like you both said, it's important to take meaningful action, and that's where we will feel better about ourselves and see real progress.

3 cheers for all your success! Have an incredibly productive day!

Anonymous said...

This is a great post. This concept is one that makes so much sense when people say it but so hard to actually implement into their lives.

I have found that the only way I can get started on anything is to have very small simple steps and concentrate on those. I get caught up in the scale of dreams and goals I have, they seem so big and impossible in the beginning. But by focusing on moving one inch at a time instead of just how far the finish line is I can actually get past my intimidation.

Robert Kiyosaki agreed with you in Cash Flow Quadrant when he said "dream big daring dreams, and underachieve a little bit each day."


Inspired Robin said...

Matt, thank you for sharing your insights! Your quote from Kiyosaki is one to remember. It's short, sweet, and a little bit cynical and humorous, but it's so true.

We all know to dream big, but those dreams usually are designed for well into the future. Taking action right now, as you said, is the hardest part for most people. If you can make it your philosophy to take it an inch at a time or just underachieve consistently, then I believe you will certainly be ahead of the pack.

Go figure, right? I like the quote that goes something like this:

"[Success is 80% just showing up.]"

You have my best wishes!

success forever said...

Great advice.I do agree that a single step after another is much better than doing nothing as it all adds up over time.The problem with most people is the mentality of "One big step=success". The "I simply have to do this and viola! success is right there" kind of thing not realizing success is a sequence of steps,with one leading into another.

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