September 25, 2010

Must See Personal Development TV!

Those serious students of life and self improvement who know a little about the personal development and life coaching industry know that Jim Rohn died last December. I'm certain that day moved a lot of you, as it moved me as well. Not only that, but my episodic memory kicked in, and I still remember that night thinking Jim Rohn is looking down on all of us now. (Hopefully he is watching the many seeds he planted in all of us grow and flourish!)

This blog post is not to make you or myself depressed, but much the opposite. It is a celebratory post and I want to share an incredible 117 minute video with you all about the inspirational Jim Rohn. It's about the life he lived, the lives he touched, and the legacy that will last far beyond even our days.

If you haven't seen the tribute video yet, it features some show-stopping names such as Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Harvey Mackay, Les Brown, Darren Hardy, Denis Waitley and Chris Widener. Not only that, but I was very touched to hear from some of Rohn's closest friends as well as his grandson Nathanael Pangrazio (You may have heard of Jim talk about Nathanael in his later works including Living an Exceptional Life and I thought it was really neat to see and hear from the progeny of the great Jim Rohn). The entire event really was done well. There's no self-glorification or false praise just to get some air-time. From start to finish, there is a lot of value to be had in this video.

Prior to watching the entire video I had only seen clips from various other web sites, but I sure am glad I got the opportunity to witness the whole thing. It really puts Jim Rohn the mentor and life coach in a broader light that simply illuminates his generous soul even more. And I owe it to you, my fellow students of life, to share this fantastic, inspirational, and memorable Jim Rohn event with you!

To watch the event just follow this link to the official video web site Celebrating the Life & Legacy of Jim Rohn Event. When you're done watching please do share what you thought about it!

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September 21, 2010

Create and Clean Up Your Messed Up List

You've messed up. Welcome to the club. We call it being human and messing up is part of life. Now, if you're like me and 99.9% of the rest of the population you've also got this little backlog going of things you've messed up in life that you've just never really cleaned up yet. We're going to identify those pesky traitors and then we're going to eliminate them for good!

Make Your Messed Up List

When it comes to lists and note-taking, I wasn't always a writer-down. I gave my memory too much credit! Although I consider myself bright, it's certainly a positive thing that I realized it's not always best to trust your memory, especially if you don't have to. I've found that writing things down is not only important but it's helpful. In this self improvement article we are going to look at a useful list – our "messed up" list.

Once we have this list drafted we are then going to translate that into a sort of "should do" list. Now, this is not to be mistaken for a must do list or a do-it-or-die list. To the contrary, our should do list is a compilation of areas or aspects of our lives where we knew that our outside actions were betraying our inner knowledge, awareness, feelings, and perhaps even betraying our greater wisdom as well.

It should be noted that the messed up list is not my creation. Rather, as this man has done so many times prior, Jim Rohn once again inspired me and informed me about this useful little list, we will call the "messed up" list. Jim talks about it along with probably hundreds of other great ideas in his amazing personal development program How to Have Your Best Year Ever.

While the messed up list plays just a small part in his seminar, we are going to examine it to the degree it deserves. Not only that, but we are going to actually create our own messed up lists. I'm even going to share mine in this blog post.

What is the "messed up" list?

Jim Rohn doesn't spend very long on the messed up list in his DVD seminar. Part of the reason for that is simple – the messed up list is a simple process. The other part of this is that I've come to learn that this is how Jim Rohn teaches most of what he offers us. He'll give you the idea, concept, or principle but then it's up to you – to us – to develop it and truly learn the lesson. I liken this method to planting a seed and nurturing it to adulthood. Jim Rohn plants the seed and we make it flourish… or perish.

In short, your messed up list is a quick run-down of the neglect in your life that has weighed you down and held you back from being your personal best.

For example, did you know that all that junk food you may have been eating was harming your health? If you answer "yes" then you've messed up. Put it on the list!

Other areas of your messed up list can include: health, spiritual, family, friends, relationships, professional, educational, planning and preparation, financial, charity, and anything or anywhere you've messed up!

How I've Messed Up

So, how have I messed up? Well, on my list I have a number of things that I am continuously paring down on since taking a proactive approach to handling this nagging little list. Some of what I have on my list I have: My exercise routine has been too off/on; finding inner peace has not been a priority in my daily life; I haven't written a friend in a while; I haven't stuck to my teeth-flossing regimen; and I let my office and house get messy or cluttered more than I'd like.

There is my messed up list. Now, where is yours? If you don't have one in writing then do create one now! The next part of this self improvement article hinges on your list. And the name of the game here is self improvement and personal development, so let us honor our intentions and put some activity into our lives. It's worth noting that I recommend writing your list on paper for reasons that will become clear.

What to do with your Messed Up List

Life coach expert Jim Rohn has a great choice of words on what to do with our personal messed up lists. It's a messy list, so we clean it up. Just start cleaning up your messed up list each day and each week. Meaningful intra-personal victory is ours for the taking!

The Knitty Gritty Process

What I have done is looked at my own list and calculated how long it would be acceptable to finish cleaning up the list. If my messed up list has 10 items and I want it clean in 60 days then every 6 days I need to check something off. That sounds easy, doesn't it? How long do you want your clean-up to take? Write this number down and divide by the number of items on your list. It's that easy.

Once you are underway on cleaning up your messed up list then there are a few tips that I believe will help you see it through to completion. First of all, keep your list in a visible spot. If you write up a top-notch list and have every intention of carrying it through then fantastic! But what if you forget about it 2 weeks from now? You can prevent that! Remind yourself of what's on the list daily, and work on it.

Next, a good tip is to use a schedule planner or calendar to mark the days when you decided ahead of time that you wanted to cross something off the list. This will help you continuously review and keep you on track towards living your better life, free of pestering thoughts that peck away at your potential. The aim here is to check off everything on our list in the amount of time we feel is best and reasonable.

From Idea to Paper to Results

The idea of the messed up list that we've talked about is merely the seed planted in your mind. You can I've a life with a shrinking messed up list as opposed to one that is growing. It can and will be a liberating activity as you see areas of your life where you once had it wrong turn into something true and right. Now, it's time to clean up!

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September 12, 2010

7 Free Kindle ebooks!

The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it.
    James Bryce

Today we have an offer straight from Amazon for quite a few free ebooks! Like all the free offers I post, chances are this one won't last very long!

Listed below are some free ebooks for the Kindle that I came across randomly. I'm not sure how long the offer will last, so you'd better jump on it fast! And for free and easy, it doesn't take much effort either! Listed below are the free book titles and short descriptions. I hope you find some value in them!

Free Kindle eBooks:

It's tough, but true—the people you're trying to communicate with, sell to, or convince don't really care about you. Nor do they care what you're offering them—until they understand exactly how it'll benefit them. If you recognize that one hard, cold fact—and you know what to do about it—you'll make more money, achieve greater success, and even have more fun!

In this book, world-renowned sales consultant Mark Magnacca shows you how to answer the “So What?” question brilliantly, every time—no matter who's asking it or what you're trying to achieve. This book will transform the way you communicate: You'll use it every day to get what you want—in business and in life!

Social networks are no fad. They're a permanent reality: one that offers immense opportunities to smart, innovative businesses. Now, top social networking consultant Juliette Powell reveals how dozens of innovators are driving real ROI through social networks–and how you can, too.

Powell's wide-ranging research, including coverage on Barack Obama's successful online strategy in his bid for the presidency, focuses on technology, media and gaming companies, leaders in fashion, beauty, publishing, finance, retail, event planning, and beyond. These powerful narratives illuminate the reality of doing business on today's social networks as never before seen!

Do you have to be perfect to lead a healthy life? Ann Smith discusses how perfectionism may have benefits but is ultimately an obstacle to quality living as it prevents intimacy and lowers self-esteem. This book offers practical hints to letting go of your superhuman syndrome and being imperfect.

Deepak Chopra brings the Buddha back to life in this gripping New York Times bestselling novel about the young prince who abandoned his inheritance to discover his true calling. This iconic journey changed the world forever, and the truths revealed continue to influence every corner of the globe today. A young man in line for the throne is trapped in his father's kingdom and yearns for the outside world. Betrayed y those closest to him, Siddhartha abandons his palace and princely title. Face-to-face with his demons, he becomes a wandering monk and embarks on a spiritual fast that carries him to the brink of death.

Ultimately recognizing his inability to conquer his body and mind by sheer will, Siddhartha transcends his physical pain and achieves enlightenment. Although we recognize Buddha today as an icon of peace and serenity, his life story was a tumultuous and spellbinding affair filled with love and sex, murder and loss, struggle and surrender. From the rocky terrain of the material world to the summit of the spiritual one, Buddha captivates and inspires-ultimately leading us closer to understanding the true nature of life and ourselves.

Three full books of proven solutions for supercharging personal performance! Prepare for any audience, negotiation, or decision-compel attention and motivate action-manage anxiety or anger-use nonverbal communication-negotiate with people you love (or hate)-build (or repair) trust-make decisions with imperfect data-and much more!

How did the lumbering fast-food giant McDonald's cure its own sclerosis and become a newly lean, hungry competitor? Its comeback offers lessons for leaders everywhere in focusing on what their customers really want. For example, don't react to competitors, react to customers. When you broaden your market appeal, don't abandon your first customers. Don't skimp on product development.

Can you be trusted? Right now, someone is asking that question. If they decide to trust you, they'll work with you, care about you, open up to you…help you live a more successful, more fulfilled, happier life. If not, you're on your own…
Build the Strong Personal Credibility You Need to Live a Truly Great Life
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I would like to point out that these books are the for the very neat and useful Kindle ebook reader. I'm not sure if you can use any other devices to get these free offers. Have a great Sunday and read read read!

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September 1, 2010

Daniel Pink TED Video and Your Motivation Problems

Motivation is one of those great mysteries of the mind. Some have it, most want it, and a few just don't care. The chances are good that you want to increase your motivation in at least one or two areas of your life (I know I'm working on that!). But what is motivation? Where does it come from? Most importantly, how and what can we learn about motivation to make it actually improve our lives? In this Daniel Pink TED video we try to find out all of this, and learn a little about Pink's humorously bad time in law school.

Daniel Pink TED Video: Surprising Science of Motivation

Now, after watching this informational Daniel Pink TED lecture, are you using any If-then rewards for your own candle problems?

If you think you are, recall what was said. If the task utilizes even rudimentary cognitive ability or skill then the reward lowered performance. Challenge yourself today, and answer the following question. Are you making decisions based on unexamined assumptions?

The answer is to base your behavior on 3 areas of intrinsic motivation:
  1. Autonomy – An urge to direct our own lives
  2. Mastery – The desire to get better and better at something that matters
  3. Purpose – A yearning to do what we do in service of something larger than ourselves

Now, Pink points out that this is for business, but it is just as valid for people and individuals. Here's a powerful Daniel Pink quote from the video:

"The so-called 20th century rewards such as financial payoffs do work but only in a surprisingly narrow set of circumstances! Unseen intrinsic drive is the real behavioral motivator."
     Daniel Pink, TED speech

So what can we do with Daniel Pink's motivation information? Well, first of all we can examine what motivational tactics we are employing in our own lives, especially where we find our motivation is lacking or failing. For instance, even though you may want money (hence you get a job), once you have your basic needs met then you're almost certainly going to want more… but not more money. There are far more valuable things than money! Look to satisfy the 3 areas of Daniel Pink's intrinsic motivators:
  1. Autonomy
  2. Mastery
  3. Purpose

I do hope you gain the value that is in this Daniel Pink video and use it to increase your own motivation! On a final note, challenge yourself!

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