September 25, 2010

Must See Personal Development TV!

Those serious students of life and self improvement who know a little about the personal development and life coaching industry know that Jim Rohn died last December. I'm certain that day moved a lot of you, as it moved me as well. Not only that, but my episodic memory kicked in, and I still remember that night thinking Jim Rohn is looking down on all of us now. (Hopefully he is watching the many seeds he planted in all of us grow and flourish!)

This blog post is not to make you or myself depressed, but much the opposite. It is a celebratory post and I want to share an incredible 117 minute video with you all about the inspirational Jim Rohn. It's about the life he lived, the lives he touched, and the legacy that will last far beyond even our days.

If you haven't seen the tribute video yet, it features some show-stopping names such as Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Harvey Mackay, Les Brown, Darren Hardy, Denis Waitley and Chris Widener. Not only that, but I was very touched to hear from some of Rohn's closest friends as well as his grandson Nathanael Pangrazio (You may have heard of Jim talk about Nathanael in his later works including Living an Exceptional Life and I thought it was really neat to see and hear from the progeny of the great Jim Rohn). The entire event really was done well. There's no self-glorification or false praise just to get some air-time. From start to finish, there is a lot of value to be had in this video.

Prior to watching the entire video I had only seen clips from various other web sites, but I sure am glad I got the opportunity to witness the whole thing. It really puts Jim Rohn the mentor and life coach in a broader light that simply illuminates his generous soul even more. And I owe it to you, my fellow students of life, to share this fantastic, inspirational, and memorable Jim Rohn event with you!

To watch the event just follow this link to the official video web site Celebrating the Life & Legacy of Jim Rohn Event. When you're done watching please do share what you thought about it!

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It’s amazing that you are giving us ideas to Self Improvement program
Thanks for putting in the effort to give us hope.

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